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  • 20SP-DHA-800-INTA-Advanced Research Methods

    The curriculum in this course is intended as a review of quantitative research methods, in preparation for writing the dissertation proposal. This serves as a bridge between your big idea to the reality of understanding the problem and the steps to resolve it. How will you make it happen, the approach (methods) and data analysis plans. This collaborative workshop involves scaffolding selected lecture-based material that build on common research design. Instructional modules enhance experience and independence, with plenty of opportunity to practice writing skills and peer review.

  • The DCWNY Grant

    Data Citizens Western New York (DCWNY) would like YOU to join our asynchronous webinar series designed to support Title I K-12 social studies teachers in Western New York. During our series, you will explore global historical questions using geo-spatial data. You will also learn how to analyze and address local civic issues to foster teacher led civic engagement projects. We will host 5 weekly asynchronous sessions on the integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) into social studies instruction. We would provide a compensation stipend along with 15 CTLE hours through the NFCSS. Webinar Dates TBD (January 2022). If interested, check out our resources on our website: Data Citizens Grant | D'Youville | DCWNY ( If you have any questions please reach out to